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centralised state, there is neither righteousness
nor wisdom in preventing them.
The Germans like the rest of the world have to
get on with collectivisation they have to produce
their pattern, and they cannot give themselves
to that if they are artificially divided up and
disorganised by some old-fashioned Qjiai d'Orsay
scheme. They must do the right thing in their
own way.
That the belligerent tradition may linger on in
Germany for a generation or so, is a risk the
Atlantic powers have to take. The world has a
right to insist that not simply some German
government but the people generally, recognise
unequivocably and repeatedly, the rights of man
asserted in the Declaration, and it is reasonable to
insist also that Germany remain disarmed and
that any aggressive plant, any war plane, war-
ship, gun or arsenal that is discovered in the
country shall be destroyed forthwith, brutally and
completely. But that is a thing that should not
be confined to Germany. Germany should not
be singled out for that. Armament should be
an illegality everywhere, and some sort of inter-
national force should patrol a treaty-bound world.
Partial armament is one of those absurdities dear
to moderate-minded cc reasonable5> men. Arma-
ment itself is making war. Making a gun, point-